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“Season’s Change” – a poetry collection by Wendy K. Engela!

Season’s Change” is a collection of poetry by Wendy Keran Engela (neé Gloss), who has all the right qualifications, skills and experience to be regarded as a Gothic artist and poet, including being an incorrigible grammar-Nazi, having the prerequisite dark existential outlook, depression, a twisted sense of humor – and having survived at least one (official) suicide attempt.

Wendy – who prefers to be called ‘Kay’ – began experimenting with poetry at 15, beginning with her first effort “Darkness Falls”, quickly followed by her second, “Tombstone”, which resulted in some pretty worried looks from her mother. Since that time, Kay went on to write over 100 more poems (which her parents have never read).

Kay was born in Springs (the town, not actually wearing them) and later grew somewhat taller in a tiny flyspeck on the map called “Kriel”.

She writes dark poetry, generally about what she refers to as ‘uncomfortable subjects’, such as the run-of-the-mill depression, heartache, tragedy, death and suicide, based on her philosophical outlook and own life experiences.

Her style generally tends to be free-verse poetry. Some of her poems are lighter (believe it or not) and are based on nature, Pagan spirituality, vampires and even, almost incredibly, a little romance – but she considers her darker poetry to be her better work due to the raw emotive content.

You can find out more about Kay and her activities on

Buy “Season’s Change” by Wendy K. Engela.

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